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Owner of Pizzeria Vitale

About Pizzeria Vitale

At Pizzeria Vitale, we combine years of experience, fresh ingredients, and traditional family recipes to make great pizza. Chuck Vitale grew up around the pizza industry and learned the trade from his grandfather and owner of Chester’s Pizza, Chester Dadabo. Chuck’s passion for pizza found its outlet after many decades. With the support of his wife Lynn, he left his full-time job in 2013 to pursue his dream of owning his own restaurant. Pizzeria Vitale was born.

Now Chuck spends his days making pizzas in Hamilton, Ohio. Using only the best ingredients, he makes our pizza fresh each and every day. Unlike the fast food pizza joints, we demand the finest ingredients and make our dough and sauce from scratch using traditional recipes. Delicious ingredients and a dedicated team set our pizza apart from the competitors

Find the Best Pizza in Hamilton, Ohio at Pizzeria Vitale

Pizza is more than just a job for us. No matter what topping combinations you love, you can always count on “pizza done right” at Pizzeria Vitale. We cook for you as if we’re cooking for our own families. We work each and every day at perfecting our pizzas, and we promise you will love every slice. Visit Pizzeria Vitale and fulfill your craving with the best pizza in the Hamilton, Ohio, area.